Justin Davis, who goes by the stage name of JAE-D, mother and father were highly involved in music and sang and played instruments with local musicians in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. JAE-D’s mother, Wanda Davis, sang with the Christianettes, and his father Ken Davis first started with the Wheaton Singers but now plays and sings with the Echoes of Harmony. Both of JAE-D’s parents were highly influential in his career because he learned about music by attending every program and show both parent’s performed in. JAE-D learned to play the drums when he was 3, and because of the ongoing tradition of musical talent in his family, his love of music became and integral part of his life. 

In 2006, JAE-D started rapping as a member of the group “We Mayja” which got the ball rolling with his music career. The group, who gained popularity in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, opened up shows for artists like Z-Ro, and Slim Thug, major rap industry artists from Houston. JAE-D stayed with “We Mayja” until 2010 when he decided that he wanted to go a different path with his music career. After JAE-D left the group, he started his solo career performing at local clubs and venues like Rack Daddy’s in Arlington, Tx, Club Mystique, Club Chrome, Fort Worth Water Gardens, and the Liquid Lounge in Dallas. 

JAE-D writes his own music and has since he was 10 years old. His writing was influenced by artists like Tupac because of the poetic flow of his lyrics. JAE-D’s major musical influences are his father Ken Davis, Tupac because of his style when he first started writing music, Pimp C, Bun B, Scarface, Z-Ro, Jay Z, Slim Thug, Michael Jackson, Same Cooke, Erykah Badu and Rakim, with the most influential being Bun B. 

JAE-D has big plans to sign with a major label while maintaining control of all his Masters. He has plans to design his own eyewear line and become an actor like Common after he gets established with his rap career. JAE-D will also actively work with his Mother-in-Law’s group promoting Sickle Cell Awareness with a group called The Maroon 9. He will continue to be active helping with the City of Fort Worth’s Juneteenth and May Fest celebrations. 

JAE-D is determined to have a major comeback in the rap game. With the changing tide towards focusing on community-changing rap and great beats, JAE-D has positioned himself for success by assembling a team of professionals who will lend their expertise towards the changing tide of rap to ensure he becomes a great music artist . JAE-D wants to make music that gives a positive message and entertains millions of listeners and fans across the world